🏠👊🏽 Airbnb Exchange, NYC Meetup, Interview with Amandeep Sidhu
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🏠👊🏽 Airbnb Exchange, NYC Meetup, Interview with Amandeep Sidhu


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Airbnb Exchange

I shared in a post recently about my history with living all over the country and how it's broadened my perspective and grown me professionally. I've been nomading for a few months now and it feels like a lighter version of the same journey.

My girlfriend and I put our place on Airbnb and we've been staying in Airbnbs as we travel. Until now, the sharing economy is the anonymous sharing economy - you stay with strangers. But wouldn't it be cool to stay with people you know or want to know better?

So as an experiment, I'm introducing the Pani Cooler Airbnb Exchange. If you have an Airbnb, send it to me and I'll include in a listing for Pani Cooler members. And if you stay at a member Airbnb, let me know. If you've never hosted and want to try it, you can sign up here.

NYC Meetup

I'm in NYC until the end of the year - who's up for a Pani Cooler meetup in September? Something active would be great, so I'm proposing a walk in Central Park. Hit reply if you're interested.

Khurram's Quorum: Amandeep Sidhu

It's inspiring to hear the origin of The Sikh Coalition in the aftermath of 9/11 and the disproportional impact on the Sikh community. But it's all the more remarkable to hear how Amandeep Sidhu and his cofounders built an organization around consensus-building causes that benefit multiple communities. And how Amandeep did it through getting stakeholders at his law firm to support him along the way.

This episode is for anyone looking to make a social impact and learn how to develop thoughtful responses to the inevitable crises and opportunities. Listen here.

Sponsor: The Indie Guide To Building Your Legal Network

Part of the mission of Pani Cooler to is to help South Asian lawyers make the most of the powerful network of any legal professionals. I attribute any success I've had with my career to the relationships I've developed and grown. And I wrote the principles I used in The Indie Guide to Building Your Legal Network.

Here's what Amisha Patel had to say about The Indie Guide: "Your writing is clear and concise, and I like how you weave in personal anecdotes and stories from others. You also outline a very clear action plan. Even as someone not in the law school setting, I found this extremely valuable in thinking about ways to reinforce many of the lessons that needed reinforcing on how to present well in strengthening and nurturing my network."

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