Building your legal network and interviews with Megha Parekh and Archit Shah
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Building your legal network and interviews with Megha Parekh and Archit Shah

Khurram's Quorum

I didn't expect to interview someone at another Florida sports franchise so soon, but I'm glad I had a chance to talk to Megha Parekh, Chief Legal Officer of the Jacksonville Jaguars. One of the most interesting themes from the conversation was around work-life integration and the systems she's used to foster it in herself and others. There were insights into the relation of remote work and inclusivity, and lessons on the perils of perfectionism. This interview is for anyone interested in being unapologetically yourself and refusing to cut out the fun in your life. Listen here.

When Archit Shah and I planned to do this episode in the new year, we didn't expect quite this much attention on Robinhood. We explored Archit's arc from the first lawyer at Robinhood to general counsel. We talked about the lessons learned from building a team of dozens of lawyers, and how he approached the novel legal and regulatory issues along the way. We covered the regulatory landscape for fintech companies, reasons to be bullish on crypto, and yes, we talked about Gamestop. Listen here.

Building Your Legal Network

A number of law students have said that a key reason they're here is to improve their approach to building their network. When you're starting out, it can seem overwhelming - there are so many attorneys you could reach out to, and you don't even know how to begin a conversation. And there are so many other demands on your time.

That's why I'm an advocate for a simple process that you can start today and iterate from to fit your circumstances. I described the approach I used to go from a small regional school to a big firm (in a tough economic climate) in a series of articles. First, here's how to get started talking to attorneys.

The Jobs

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