🎤 Interview with Avaneesh Marwaha
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🎤 Interview with Avaneesh Marwaha


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Khurram's Quorum: Avaneesh Marwaha

As the CEO of Litera, Avaneesh Marwaha is responsible for setting the pace of innovation at a leading legaltech company. So when Avaneesh shared some of the goals he set for himself at 25 that he's still carrying out at 40, I had to dig in to learn more.

A company like Litera has a powerful lens on the legal industry and where it's headed. So we spent a lot of time talking about core insights like what makes clients stick with law firms. We also discuss the three areas Avaneesh sees opportunities for lawyers to move into legaltech, and the #1 skill lawyers need to develop now to advance their practice.

This conversation is for anyone interested in learning what it feels like to bet on yourself and to move into a growing frontier. Listen here.

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