💪🏽 Member Success with Rosanna Mannan
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💪🏽 Member Success with Rosanna Mannan


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Member Success with Rosanna Mannan

Here's the latest Pani Cooler success story from Rosanna Mannan.

How did you hear about Pani Cooler?

I attended a financial advice for lawyers webinar with SABA-DC and Khurram was presenting and told everyone about Pani Cooler.

How did Pani Cooler help you in landing your new role?

I read through the job listings on Pani Cooler and contacted a few attorneys, one of them was Shabbi Khan, a partner at the firm I now work at. He was able to talk with me about the firm and put in a good word for me.

What did you do effectively to advocate for yourself for your new role?

I asked the right questions and didn’t focus on compensation or any perks. I asked about firm culture, what type of work is available, and showed genuine interest in the firm and the work offered. I connected my past experience with what I could offer to the firm. I also said that I didn’t want to go in house in the future, but rather wanted to develop my skills at a firm and become a seasoned corporate attorney. I said that I preferred working at a firm, because I would be exposed to the nuts and bolts of practicing law and would get good training. I also said that I can manage the billable hour requirement, because I am willing to work nights and weekends to bill hours.

What are takeaways from your hiring experience that other attorneys should consider?

If you’re a new attorney, you should reach out to your legal and alumni network and get interview coaching and practice. That’s the only way I was able to polish my interviewing skills. From someone who blew through OCIs and interviewed very badly as a law student, I’ve come a long way by interviewing well as an attorney and getting multiple offers.

Another helpful tip is to try and connect with your interviewer on another level. Look up their online profile beforehand and tailor your questions to what’s in their profile to connect with them. If they have publications, ask them about what inspired them to write the publication and what they want to write next. If they do pro bono or startup work, ask them about it. Showing genuine interest in the people at the firm will take you a long way.

Any final thoughts for attorneys looking to make a move?

Wherever you go you should act like you want to be there for your whole career. If your heart’s in doing the job, you will do well. Don’t settle for a job that you are only half interested in. I knew I wanted to do transactional work in the Silicon Valley and went for those roles. Anyone that wants to discuss how to make a move can reach out to me at rmannan@foley.com.

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