🎂 One Year In: Wins and Goals, NYC Central Park Hangout
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🎂 One Year In: Wins and Goals, NYC Central Park Hangout


This email goes out to 1,290 South Asian legal professionals.

One Year In

Pani Cooler started a year ago. A year ago, I asked 117 of you if you had any roles for South Asian law students, who had been knocked around by the market and needed a leg up. Several of you contributed roles and made yourselves available to students. So I sent an email and asked people to spread the word. It spread.

The core insight is unchanged: take our small but powerful community, create a clearinghouse for economic opportunities, and watch it grow. It starts with jobs. But it's ultimately about every component of our professional well-being and growth.

The success stories keep coming in. Pooja Mehta, Priya Bathija, Rosanna Mannan all found new roles through Pani Cooler.

So what comes next? Here are some goals

- Next quarter 10 people will find their next role through Pani Cooler.

- Next year 100 people to find their next role through Pani Cooler.


NYC Central Park Hangout

Our NYC Central Park Hangout is on - save the date for September 17, 2021 at 4:00-6:00 pm.

If you're tired of sitting around getting drinks or food in order to be social, this is different. We'll go for a stroll through Central Park as we reconnect with old friends and make new ones.

You can add it to your calendar here.

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The Jobs

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