🎭 Sharing Your Story Event, Partnership with SABA
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🎭 Sharing Your Story Event, Partnership with SABA


This email goes out to 1,322 South Asian legal professionals.

Sharing Your Story with SABA SC

You might remember Dhruva Krishna's very personal story of lessons learned as a touring musician: there are no wrong notes. I admired his adventurousness and willingness to put himself out there in an unconventional way in sharing his story. So I knew it would be a great fit when Dhruva asked if I can share some thoughts on how lawyers can engage in their own world-building through storytelling.

And I'll be presenting with one of the best storytellers out there - Alex Su, Head of Community Development at Ironclad.

Come join us! The event is September 28, 2021 at 3pm ET.

Register here.

Pani Cooler Partnership with SABA

SABA is an organization that has meant a lot to me over the years. It's a place where I found the highest concentration of like minds with different paths to learn from. So I'm thrilled to be partnering with SABA to use the Pani Cooler platform to get more South Asian lawyers hired and advancing down their paths.

If you're not an active member of SABA, I recommend checking out their programming and learn more about their push for professional development. You can join or just sign up for SABA's emails here.

NYC Hangout with Kolkata Chai

It was great seeing everyone that came out - should we do it again? Thanks to Sumeet Chugani for going dad-mode and taking these pics.

The Indie Guide To Building Your Legal Network

Part of the mission of Pani Cooler is to help South Asian lawyers make the most of the powerful network of any legal professionals. I attribute any success I've had with my career to the relationships I've developed and grown. And I wrote the principles I used in The Indie Guide to Building Your Legal Network.

Here's what Amisha Patel had to say about The Indie Guide: "Your writing is clear and concise, and I like how you weave in personal anecdotes and stories from others. You also outline a very clear action plan. Even as someone not in the law school setting, I found this extremely valuable in thinking about ways to reinforce many of the lessons that needed reinforcing on how to present well in strengthening and nurturing my network."

Pick up your copy here.

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